Giving voice to your business through illustration

Illustrator - Engineer

Problem solver

and Voice giver.

Your business is growing, but something is missing:

  • Low email open and read rates

  • Your copy alone isn’t explaining complex issues

  • New ideas - but but no way to share that energy

  • Your message is getting lost

  • Not attracting customers or building trust



You need help, but not just ‘that person’ you hire and forget about.

You actually need the kind of person who’s hired to do some technical drawings, does those, and then helps design the prototype.

You need someone who treats you like a human being and not a job.

If this describes you, then contact me below so we can discuss your project and vision.

In terms of your skills I think one of the most impressive things about your work is your understanding of the context around the job.
— L Beryl G. (Emory University)